Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

We lend our expertise to advisory firms with over $300 million in assets under management,  that want the competitive advantage of having an experienced CFA charterholder on their team.

Every advisory firm that we work with is unique but we are commonly asked to perform the following services:

    • Review existing or create new model portfolios
    • Recommend new investments when necessary
    • Conduct portfolio reviews for existing and prospective clients
    • Rebalance portfolios periodically
    • Provide commentary about economic and market conditions
    • Conduct periodic due diligence on investments for regulatory purposes

Though our services may differ from advisor to advisor, our goal is always the same; we want to help you deliver the best possible investment experience to your clients.

Investment Management

We manage portfolios directly for clients on Schwab’s platform as Separately Managed Accounts.

Our stock strategies are built on the premise that we only buy companies that we believe are of the highest quality, that have sustainable competitive advantages, good growth prospects and are financially healthy.

Our fixed income strategy is also built on the premise that quality matters, and while we make fewer investments in specific debt instruments, we are always mindful of the tradeoff we are making between risk and return.

Concentrated Stock

If your client has a large investment in a stock or security that they either can’t or won’t sell, we have the expertise to help manage risk. Using options to help protect investments from a significant loss or to generate additional income, we have the ability and the experience to help you better meet the needs of your high-net-worth clients.

Strategies are customized to the individual client, and include:

Covered Call Writing

As an exit strategy, it adds income and allows for the sale of the underlying security at an agreed-upon price.

As an income generation strategy, it adds income and is managed to avoid the sale of the underlying security.


Using a combination of options in an attempt to achieve a more stable range of outcomes for the underlying security.

Protected Equity

A strategy designed to reduce the risk of significant loss associated with the underlying security.

For additional information about our Concentrated Stock services, please review the sample analysis below.